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Do You Know "Darjeeling" Is Also Known By "TTT" ?

Namaste, And Welcome All Of You To DarjeelingForYou.com, As You All Know That Darjeeling Is One Of The Best Place On Earth For Many Reasons But Today We Gonna Talk About The "Triple T", For Which Darjeeling, Is Very Famous Around The World, So Let's Get Underway. 

1 - Tea 

Darjeeling Tea Price Online

Darjeeling Tea, Is Very Renowned Worldwide And Darjeeling Is A The Finest Producer Of Tea. Since India, Is The Second Largest Producer Of Tea After China In The World, Darjeeling Plays An Essential Role In Indian Tea Industry.  "Archibald Campbell", Was A Doctor & He Was The First Person To Started Tea Plantation In Darjeeling Hills In The Year 1841. Darjeeling Produces Many Varieties Of Tea Season Wise In Different Tea Gardens Of Darjeeling. Darjeeling Exports Finest & Best Quality Tea, Which Are Expensive, Silver Tips Imperial Tea, Is Harvested In MakaiBari Tea Estate (One Of The Tea Garden In Darjeeling), & It Is One Of The Most Expensive Types Of Tea In The World & It Can Cost More Than $500 Per Kilo. 

2 - Tourism 

Darjeeling Tour Plan

Another 'T' Stands For Tourism And Darjeeling Is The Great & Beautiful Place For The Tourists. Every Months Lots Of Domestic And  International Tourists Visit Darjeeling To Spend Holidays With Their Friends & Families. Darjeeling Attracts Many Tourists Every Year & The Reasons Behind That Is- Darjeeling Is Very Safe, People Are Very Honest, Kind & Friendly, Reasonable & More Importantly Darjeeling Has Many Natural & Beautiful Places For The Visitors To Witness. At Present, Tour & Tourism Is Growing In Here & One Of Growing Business Of Darjeeling Too.

3 - Timber 

Darjeeling Timbers

Yes, You Have Heard It Right, The Third 'T' Is Timber & Most Of You Might Not Be Aware Of This Fact Before. Darjeeling Is One Of The Clean & Green Hill Station In India, Surrounded By Alpine Forest. The Forest Are Mostly Covered By Trees Namely Oak, Sal, Cryptomeria Japonica (Commonly Known As Dhuppi) & The Timber From Such Trees Are Very Valuable & Good For Building House & Furniture's. Now The Cutting Of Trees Are Strictly Prohibited By The Forest Department To Maintain The Balance Between The Floral & Fauna.

Ok This A Bonus 'T' For You All & This Time T Stand For The "Toy Train", Now We Know That Darjeeling Is Overall Known By 4 Or Quadruple "T". We Will Talk About The Toy Train,  Some Other Day, So This Is It & You Can Even Send Us Your Feedbacks On Comment Box Down Below & Do Share This If You Found Out Informative, Thank You Stay Blessed ☺.
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